On behalf of Satellite Consulting, Inc., I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our organization.

SCI is a full-service communications satellite consulting firm, serving all elements of the commercial aerospace community. We are capable of assisting you with any or every aspect of communications satellite design and operation. In the earliest phases, we can prepare market studies or develop the Request for Proposal. Then, we can evaluate proposals and even assist you directly with contract negotiations. During the design and construction phases, we provide independent senior reviews and on-site construction monitoring, ensuring that the end product meets all specifications. Finally, we will assist with launch vehicle integration and in-orbit anomaly diagnosis. From playing a supporting role, to acting directly on your behalf, we are prepared to assist you with all phases of your commercial satellite program.

When I joined the ranks of aerospace engineers in 1967, it was for my love of space and the chance to be involved in the ground breaking innovations of space exploration. Since then I have been involved in pioneering projects such as Voyager and Apollo and more recently in commercial projects such as XM Satellite Radio. Along the way I have developed deep professional ties with the most respected engineers in the field. I can honestly say I have lived the dream of working in the field I love with people I respect immensely.

Today, the passion that launched my career continues to fuel me, and I am proud to represent the company with the finest talent, the most in-depth knowledge and the top reputation for independent, senior review. Since its inception in 2001, SCI has grown to more than 140 consultants, representing the best in their fields. These senior consultants have developed the revolutionary satellite designs that are now commonplace in our world. Many of our engineers hold titles such as senior technical fellow or chief technologist, and over 28 percent of them hold PhDs.

We can tackle the most challenging satellite design issues. I look forward to hearing about your project. Please contact me at keith@satelliteconsulting.com or by phone at 310-373-8780.


Keith J. Volkert

Founder and CEO